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Japanese Geography Translation Services

Often physical geography is related to the comprehension of systems and processes.

Important environmental concerns, both for Japan and the world such as natural disasters; air pollution; the depletion of fossil fuels and climate change mean that geographers must communicate with one another and geographical research institutions must become multi-lingual. The diversity of topics generates a large amount of international study and documentation, often in many languages.

At The Japanese Connection, our expert translators can deliver a professional Japanese language service. Our 25 years of experience means we are able to provide translation for any aspect of physical geography that is both technically-accurate and industry-specific.


Geography and Japan

Some Japanese geographers and earth scientists are occupied with earth-ocean modelling and observation, which provide sophisticated methods of predicting climate change and simulating environmental processes. The Japanese ‘Earth Simulator’ sponsored by the Japanese government was the fastest supercomputer in the world between 2002 and 2004. It was created to run global climate models to evaluate the effects of global warming and geophysical problems and now has many technological descendents. The functions of this supercomputer emphasise the interdisciplinary nature of physical geography in Japan. It certainly overlaps with technology, ecology, physics and engineering and has become a discipline of global significance.

Our Japanese language geography translation service covers areas such as:



Climatography & Climate Change

Geochemistry & Geology


Environmental Modeling



Systems Thinking


Soil Science

Ecology & Conservation

Sustainable Development

Environmental Issues

Research & Publications


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