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The Japanese Connection's Projects & Clients

Professional JapaneseTranslation and Interpreting / Interpretation Services worldwide

As a translation and interpreting agency with over twenty five years' experience, The Japanese Connection has built up an international reputation for providing quality professional Japanese language services. Below is a small selection of some of the renowned companies, charities and government institutions we have provided services for. .


Please click on the relevant field / sector / industry for past clients and information on how we assisted them:

● Education
● Finance
● Sciences
● Chemical

Governmental Institutions / Councils / Public Services / Non- Profit Organisations

  1. Department for Culture, Media and Sport, UK (Olympic Research Interview: Interpreting)
  2. DECC: Department of Energy and Climate Change (Interview: Interpreting)
  3. City of London Corporation (Interview: Interpreting)
  4. Greater London Authority (Interview: Interpreting)
  5. London First  (Interview: Interpreting)
  6. Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Unit, Cabinet Office, London (Olympic research interview interpreting)
  7. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), London (Technical Interpreting), current equivalent Department: BERR: Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform)
  8. National Grid (Interview: Interpreting)
  9. Department of Health, London (Welfare Interpreting Interview)
  10. Ministry of Education, London (Educational Interpreting)
  11. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI), (Research Interviews: Interpreting)
  12. Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), London (Interviews: interpreting)
  13. Commission for Social Care Inspection, Buckinghamshire, England (Educational Interpretation)
  14. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Birmingham, Cambridge, England (Agricultural / Technical Research Interpreting)
  15. UK Trade & Investment, London (Governmental Interpreting at an interview)
  16. Cabinet Office
  17. Department for Transport, London England (Transportation Interpreting)
  18. Office for Rail Regulation, London England (Technical Interpreting)
  19. Office of Water Services (OFWAT), London England (Technical Interpreting)
  20. HM Customs and Excise, London (Financial, Research Interpreting at an interview)
  21. Urban City Regeneration OrganizationJapan, London (Interpreting)
  22. County Council Trading Standards, Oxford (Legal Translation)
  23. Home Office, London, (Interpreting)
  24. Victim Support, London, (Interpreting)
  25. Defra, UK - Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, London, (Interpreting)
  26. The Climate Group
  27. Kuwait Cultural Office UK
  28. Transport For London (TFL) (Olympic Research Interview Interpreting)
  29. The Government of Mongolia
  30. Worcester City Council, Worcester, England (Marketing Translation)
  31. West Sussex County Council (Interpreting)
  32. Institute of Transportation Economics
  33. Center for Community Revitalization and Care

Legal and Police

  1. Hogan Lovells International LLP (Arbitration: Interpreting)
  2. Herbert Smith Freehills, London (Arbitration: Interpreting)
  3. MFB Solicitors (shipping dispute court interpreting in London)
  4. Oxford Employment Law Solicitors (Statement Translation)
  5. Kilian & Partner (Patent-related Interpreting)
  6. RWS Group PLC (Patent Translation)
  7. Osaka Lawyers for Pneumoconiosis and Asbestos Victims (Appointment-obtaining Services & Interview Interpreting)
  8. Merton Law Centre
  9. Chamba and Co Solicitors
  10. Scott Dixion Reilly Wilkes Solicitors
  11. Merton Law Centre
  12. Thames Valley Police (Translation and Interpreting)
  13. Michael Carroll and Co
  14. Lloyds PR Solicitors
  15. Ozoran Turkan Solicitors
  16. Brand Mellon Solicitors (Interpreting)
  17. Purkiss Partnership (Interpreting)
  18. Beachcroft LLP (Interpreting)
  19. Duncan Lewis Solicitors (Immigration: Interpreting)
  20. Opus 2 International London, Paris, New York, Milan, Munich, Frankfurt, Taipei, Tokyo, Hong Kong and more... (Deposition: Interpretation)

Medical / Pharmaceutical / Health

  1. Medicos Hirata (Pharmaceutical Interpreting) 
  2. SAFC Inc. (Report Translation)
  3. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (Interpreting at a Hearing)
  4. Roche Products Limited, (Medical Translation)
  5. BD Medical Systems, Oxford (Medical Interpreting)
  6. AstraZeneca, London England (Interview Interpreting)
  7. Institute of Health Science, London (Scientific and Technical Interpreting)
  8. Yamanouchi Research Institute, Oxford and London (Pharmaceutical and Financial Interpreting)
  9. Warnford Hospital, Oxford England (Medical Interpreting)
  10. Guy's Hospital, London UK (Medical Interpreting)
  11. St. George's Hospital, London England (Medical Interpretation)
  12. St. Margaret Hospital, London UK (Medical Interpretation)
  13. Oxford John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford England (Medical and Welfare Interpreting)
  14. Victoria Hall Hospital, Blackpool (Medical and Paramedic Interpreting)
  15. Institute of Health Science, London England, UK (Welfare Interpreting: Interview)
  16. BHF Health Promotion Research Group, Institute of Health Science, Oxford, England (Translation for Nutritionand Food Science)
  17. NHS, England (Medical Interpreting)
  18. AMA Laboratories Inc. (Interpreting at Cosmetics and Skincare Conference)
  19. PASA, England (Interpreting)
  20. Department of Health, London England (technical interpretation)
  21. Kowa Pharmaceuticals (pharmaceutical interpreting in Nottingham, England)
  22. SEG, Hamburg, Germany, Amsterdam
  23. JTB Motivations, Toledo, Spain
  24. BSI
  25. Syntaxin Ltd
  26. Littlemore Mental Health Centre
  27. Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  28. Commission For Social Care Inspection
  29. nSpire Health, Inc.
  30. Adult Intensive Care Unit
  31. GE Healthcare Ltd
  32. Hill Rom UK
  33. PharmaVentures Ltd
  34. Community Rehabilitation Services
  35. Victoria Hospital in Blackpool (a trauma centre regarding the NHS system and paramedics’ activities (from initial contact to medical interpreting assistance)
  36. Charles River Drug Development
  37. Hammersmith and Fulham NHS Primary Care Trust
  38. Medic Air International (Interpreting)
  39. Argent Rehabilitation (Interpreting)
  40. Maruho Co Ltd (Pharmaceutical Interpreting)
  41. Shiseido (Business Meetings: Interpreting)
  42. Charles River (Interpreting)
  43. Duskin Co Ltd. Barcelona, Düsseldorf, Stockholm (Cleaning & Professional Hygiene: Meeting / Conference Interpreting)


  1. University of Oxford, ISIS Innovation Ltd., (Scientific Interpreting - simultaneous)
  2. ICI, England (Patent Translation)
  3. Jetro, London England (Interpreting)
  4. Oxford University, Oxford UK (Scientific / Technical Interpreting and Translation)
  5. Birmingham University, Birmingham England (Engineering / Technical Interpreting)
  6. Oxford Instruments (Semi-Conductor) Oxford (Technical Translation)
  7. Sumitomo Bakelite, Germany (Simultaneous and Conference Interpreting)
  8. Hitachi Metal Ltd, Germany (Simultaneous and Conference Interpreting)
  9. Hitachi High Technologies (Simultaneous and Conference Interpreting)
  10. Harwell international Business Centre (formerly Harwell Laboratory) (Scientific Interpreting)
  11. Institute of Space and Astronautic Sciences (Scientific and Technical Translation)

IT / Technologies

  1. Feral Interactive Limited, London (Technical Interpreting and Translation)
  2. Microsoft Ltd., Slough England (Interpreting)
  3. Bell-Park Co. Ltd., Tokyo (interpreting in London)
  4. Enterbrain, Inc (Interpreting in London)
  5. Vodafone, London (Interpreting)
  6. Global Education Consulting Co., Ltd (Interpreting in London, Reading)
  7. Essential Viewing, Scotland (Conference Call interpreting between Scotland and Japan)
  8. Bookham Technology plc, England (Technical Interpreting)
  9. Cambridge Research Systems Ltd.
  10. JVC UK Ltd
  11. Imagini Europe Ltd
  12. Fireworks Studios Ltd (New Media Production Company)
  13. Mindvision Media Ltd
  14. PENTAX Europe GmbH
  15. Panasonic
  16. IQC Ltd
  17. Renfrew Group
  18. Christie Digital Systems Europe
  19. NaturalMotion (Translation)
  20. Vector Fields, ERA Technology Ltd (Translation)
  21. JTB Europe 
  22. NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting Inc
  23. Experian

Communications and Marketing

  1. BT, London, England (Technical Translation) 
  2. Vodafone HQ, Newbury, England (Business Meeting Interpreting) 
  3. NTT, London (Technical Interpreting)
  4. DoCoMoLondon, (Technical Interpreting)
  5. Steve Kerner Ltd., High Wycombe, Bucks England (translation and interpreting
  6. Mobilecast Inc.
  7. VCCP (Ad campaign consultants)
  8. Kissman Langford
  9. The Ashdown Group
  10. Mobilecast Inc.
  11. Enterprise IG
  12. Redwood (Translation)
  13. KDDI Europe (London, UK, Interpreting)
  14. Dentsu Inc, London (Financial / Marketing Interpreting)
  15. Bourns Inc. (Osaka Japan)

Media / Advertising / Retail / Consumer

  1. Condenast International (Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for conferences in Cannes, France and Lake Como, near Milan, Italy coveringVOGUE, GQ, GLAMOUR, TRAVELLER, EASY LIVING, TATLER)
  2. Radio 4, London UK, (Interview)
  3. Hachette Fujingaho London, UK (Simultaneous Interpreting for a Conference)
  4. Asahi Newspaper, (Interview Interpreting for Oxford University Scientists)
  5. VICE Deutschland GmbH, (Interview Tape Translation & Transcription)
  6. Jiji Press, Tokyo (Interview in Oxford, England)
  7. Weekely Bunshun (Translation and Interview Interpreting for an Oxford University History Professor)
  8. BBC, London and Oxford England (Interviews)
  9. October Films Ltd, London England (Technical Translation)
  10. Yomiuri News (Interpreting) for Eden project
  11. Egmont UK Ltd, Book Translation
  12. Suminoe Textiles
  13. Solid State Logic Ltd, Oxford (Musical / Engineering and Technical Interpreting)
  14. Chattem (UK) Ltd, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England (Technical Translation)
  15. Van Walsum Managment Ltd
  16. SupaSwap (Translation for Website)


  1. Abridge Capital 
  2. KPMG, London, UK (Interview: Interpreting)
  3. Al Ghurair Investments LLC 
  4. Financial Services Agency, Japan London, UK (Financial Interpreting)
  5. Dentsu Inc, London (Financial / Marketing Interpreting)
  6. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.London, England (Simultaneous Interpreting)
  7. HSBC, London (Translation) 
  8. Scottish Widows Investment Partnership Ltd, Edinburgh, Scotland (Financial Interpreting)
  9. Accenture (Simultaneous Interpreting) 
  10. CBI, London England / Keidanren (interpreting for a meeting in London)
  11. DC Card (interpreting in London) 
  12. UFJ Research Institute, Japan, London, Amsterdam (Translation, Interpreting and Coordination) 
  13. HM Customs and Excise, London England (Coordination and Interpretation) 
  14. Royal Bank of Scotland, London England 
  15. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (simultaneous interpreting) 
  16. Documents for Investment in Russia & Uzbekistan (Financial Investment Translation) 
  17. Putman Lovell NBF Securites Inc
  18. Unilever UK Ltd 
  19. Fukoku Capital Management, Inc.
  20. Harrison, Lovegrove & Co. Ltd
  21. Admiral Insurance
  22. ORIX Corporation, Japan
  23. Harrison Lovegrove & Co. Limited
  24. Putnam Lovell
  25. Sorun Corporation
  26. GDP Global Development
  27. JTB Motivations
  28. HW Fisher and Company (Interpreting)
  29. Dai-ichi Life International Europe (Interpreting)
  30. Nomura Research Institute (Interpreting)
  31. Tokyo Marine Global Ltd (Translation)
  32. Federation of Non-Life Insurance Worker's Unions of Japan


  1. Yushiro Chemical Industries Ltd., Liverpool, England (Scientific Interpreting)
  2. Schott Glas, Zurich, Switzerland (Scientific/Engineering Translation and Interpreting)
  3. Marubeni Co. Ltd. London, Nottingham, Slough, Sherborne, East Leake, England (Technical & Chemical Interpreting) 
  4. Nikken Chemicals, Japan (Technical interpreting in Nottingham, Engalnd UK)
  5. Shell Oil Industry & BP, London England
  6. Kvaerner, Whiteley, Hants (Technical Interpreting)
  7. Nitrotec Services Ltd, Birmingham, England (Technical Translation)
  8. BASF The Chemical Company
  9. Antel Eclipse (UK) Limited, England

Engineering / Motor Industry / Construction / Manufacturing / Shipping 

  1. McLaren Racing Limited, Surrey (Automotive: Meeting Interpreting)
  2. Jaguar Cars XK8 project support (94-97), Coventry and BirminghamEngland (Technical and Engineering Interpreting and Translation)
  3. Unipart Group, Kaizen Oxford, UK (Production Site efficiency improvement activities)
  4. JCB, England
  5. Nissan Trading Co., Ltd
  6. Rover, Oxford and Birmingham, England
  7. Nissan Motor Sport International
  8. Honda, Car manufacturing projects (87-97) Oxford, England
  9. Prodrive, Banbury, England (Technical Translation and Automotive Interpreting)
  10. Williams Grand Prix Engineering, England
  11. Yamazaki Machinery UK Ltd, Worcester, England
  12. Ford (Liverpool, Birmingham, Germany)
  13. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd, England
  14. NGK Spark Plugs Co., Ltd
  15. Matsuura Machinery PLC, Leicestershire, East Midlands, England
  16. Vauxhall, IBC, Luton, England
  17. Deloro Stellite, Swindon Wiltshire, England
  18. Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd
  19. Ogihara Corporation (Engineering, Technical Translation and Interpreting)
  20. Ogihara Europe Limited, Telford, UK, Germany, Sweden (Technical and Legal Translation and on-site Interpreting)
  21. Saint-Gobain Matériaux de Construction
  22. Planning and Construction Management, Central Asia
  23. Think Delta
  24. York EMC Services Ltd
  25. Filtration Control Limited
  26. RPS Group Plc
  27. Yazaki Saltano Ovar
  28. UYS Ltd
  29. Marubeni Taisei Consortium
  30. Ricardo UK
  31. Imdex Technology UK Ltd
  32. Yazaki Europe LTD
  33. Unipart Yutaka Systems
  34. Red Fern Machinery
  35. Alpha-Tran
  36. Torishima Pump MFG Co.
  37. Marubeni Taisei
  38. Hitachi High-Technologies Europe
  39. Solios Thermal Ltd
  40. Blade ICE
  41. Deloro Stellite
  42. Bangkok Eagle Wings Co.
  43. BPB Plc. (British Plaster Board) & British Gypsum (UK, Italy, France, Denmark, Rome Italy, Warsaw, Poland & Salzburg, Germany)
  44. British Gypsum Ltd, Kirkby Thore, Cumbria, Sherburn-in-Element, near Leeds, England, Technical Services Dept in East Leake, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England (Technical Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting)
  45. Interpreting for a sparkplug company opening ceremony with the British Royal family present, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, England
  46. Xerox, London, England (Technical Translation)
  47. McAlpine Helicopters Ltd, Oxford Airport, Kidlington, England (Legal Translation), Eurocopter UK
  48. Black and Decker, Newcastle, England (Technical Interpretation)
  49. Bitebox Ltd, Basingstoke, England (Electronics & Software consultants) (Translation of Technical Manuals)
  50. K Line (Europe) Ltd. (Translation Assistance)
  51. Imdex Limited
  52. Williams Hybrid Power Ltd
  53. Filtration Control Limited
  54. Wilbert DAS Industrial Design
  55. Inviron Ltd
  56. Merrychef Ltd.
  57. Furukawa Electric Europe Ltd. (Translation)
  58. Antenna Giken Co
  59. Saint-Gobain Placo SAS (Technical Interpreting)
  60. Fuji Seal Europe Limited 
  61. Mizkan 
  63. Daiichi Chuo Kisen Kaisha
  64. Daido Metal Europe Ltd.
  65. Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe GmbH
  66. Kato Seiden Co., Ltd
  67. Gieves & Hawkes
  68. Biketec AG
  69. YAZAKI Europe Ltd. – Hemel Hempstead (YEL-HH)
  70. KAB Seating Ltd.

Education, Tuition & Special Education

  1. Worcester University, Worcester, Engalnd (Academic and Educational Interpreting)
  2. Birmingham University, England (Industrial and Engineering Interpreting)
  3. University of Oxford (Engineering, Technical & Scientific Interpreting)
  4. St. Clare’s College, Oxford (Tutorials, Tuitions)
  5. Department of Health Authority
  6. Sunfield
  7. Pearson Education
  8. NAS
  9. The National Institute of Special Education
  10. Telford Academy of English, England (Prospectus Translation)
  11. University College London (UCL)
  12. Pegasus School Derby, (Interpreting for Admissions)
  13. Tutors International
  14. The Oxford Archaelogical Unit LTD
  15. Cherwell College, Oxford
  16. NISE
  17. Saïd Business School (Interpreting)
  18. Lincoln College, Oxford University (Interpreting)

Consultancy / Research 

  1. Nomura Research Institute (NRI), Japan (Interview Obtaining Services, Correspondence Translation, Research, Interview Interpreting) 
  2. NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting Inc. (Questionnaire Gathering)
  3. TBM Consulting Group (Kaizen activities), Oxford, Birmingham, Coventry, Wales
  4. Delta International - Recruitment Consultants
  5. Van Walsum Management Ltd.
  6. Serrula Research Ltd (Translation of Market Research Document)
  7. Ipsos Mori, London (Research Interview: Interpreting)
  8. SFD
  9. Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc
  10. Sogoplanning

Architecture and Design

  1. Wilbert Das Industrial Design

Environment / Agriculture / Energy / Climate Change

  1. BP Biofuels (Rights: Document Translation)
  2. The Climate Group "Breaking the Climate Deadlock" Project (Article Translation)
  3. RPS Energy
  4. C-Moor Tours Inc
  5. The Oxford Archaelogical Unit Ltd
  6. Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
  7. C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Cultural / Historical / Heritage

  1. Rekihaku 国立歴史民俗博物館 (National Museum of Japanese History), (Anthropology: Interpreting)
  2. Oxford Archeology (Translation) 


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