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Japanese Nuclear Engineering Interpreting

Image and video hosting by TinyPicNuclear Engineers work on topics related to medicine, material science, fluid mechanics, applied physics, fission, fusion as well as in multiple other areas. Many Japanese Universities offer courses in ‘Nuclear Engineering’ and experts are frequently required to adapt the complicated scientific principles to the world’s practical and economic needs.

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Nuclear Engineering in Japan

As one of the most technologically advanced nations, it is unsurprising that Japanese nuclear engineers are internationally renowned for their experience and high-level of skill and are often sourced by power companies from all over the world.  These engineers made the news during the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster of 2011 when they were required to utilise their expertise to plug the radioactive leak after the earthquake and tsunami hit. Large Japanese companies are also said to have a very advanced knowledge of the processes and technology related to Nuclear power-plants, which means that they will often enter into international collaborations or projects. From power-plants to university lecture halls, individuals liaise to find new solutions and innovations to improve how the world uses nuclear energy. Co-operation between industrial firms who build new power plants and nuclear engineers, who facilitate this, is just one scenario in which language barriers may arise.

Our Japanese nuclear engineering interpreting covers areas such as:


Nuclear Fission

Mechanical Engineering

Advanced Reactor Design



Plasma Physics


Nuclear Medicine


Nuclear Power Plants

Environmental Engineering


Thermal Hydraulics

Radioactive Waste Disposal

Radiation Oncology