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Japanese Environmental Engineering Translation Service

Japanese Environmental Engineering Interpreting ServiceEnvironmental engineering is global in its very nature. Nations co-operate in the promotion of clean, renewable energy; a pollutant-free atmosphere and a protected ecology for a safe and sustainable future. New structures, systems and technologies, focusing upon ecological harmony, are being developed all over the globe, particularly in Japan. Engineers are trained to engineer systems, based on scientific principles, which are both eco-friendly and economically viable. Harnessing natural elements like water, wind and sunshine, they work towards environmental restoration, recycling resources and waste management.

The Japanese Connection, we can offer a high-quality translation service to meet all needs.It is essential that information concerning the use and development of environmental technologies can be communicated globally and our experienced team at The Japanese Connection are committed to providing technically accurate translation, whatever the context. . 


Environmental Engineering in Japan

Japan’s reliance upon imports of raw materials has led to problems regarding waste disposal, and hazardous contamination, which is the focus of much research. Japanese engineers are also making progress in fields like biodegradable produce, bio-mass, solar power and nanotechnology. Globalization and mass consumption is fuelled by the constant manufacture and production of innovative products, which inevitably increases harmful carbon emissions. This means environmental engineering has become not only multi-national but commercially ubiquitous. Indeed, numerous Japanese industries are adopting eco-friendly systems. This has led to an increase in intercultural communication, which often necessitates professional interpreting services.

Our Japanese environmental engineering translation covers areas such as:


Environmental Chemistry

Waste Management

Surface Soil Protection

Sustainable Processes

Ecological Enhancements

Waste Disposal

Industrial Waste Treatment

Heat Transfer


Contaminated Land Management

Biodegrable materials

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Air & Water Pollution

Water Supply & Treatment

Shoreline Protection


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Mechanical Engineering

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