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Japanese Biomechanical Engineering Translation Services

The growth of international sport and the frequency of international academic collaboration means that Japanese language assistance is often required. New developments in biomechanical engineering must be communicated worldwide and the transmission of this vital information must be accurate.

The Japanese Connection can offer translation services for multiple aspects of biomechanical engineering.

We provide expert translators whose knowledge of this new and exciting industry means they are able to translate precisely and efficiently as they will often have qualifications and experience in the biomechanical industries. Be it academic papers or articles or communication with the press, The Japanese Connection offers a professional service to assist with all aspects of biomechanical engineering.



Biomechanical Engineering in Japan

Biomechanical engineering applies principles of mechanics to biological systems. Japanese biomechanics are currently working on the design and improvement of artificial organs and limbs, for example, and are now attempting to create humanoid robots whose joints and mechanics attempt to mimic human muscle and bone to recreate the musculoskeletal system. The increasingly aged population of Japan means biomechanical innovation is even more necessary, helping improve and design prosthetics and contribute to the suppression of chronic arthritis. Engineers also work on: Prostheses; Bioinstrumentation and Measurements; Bioheat Transfer; Biomaterials; Biomechanics; Cellular Mechanics and the Design and Control of Biological Systems. Biomechanical engineering has also become indispensable in the field sports science and Japanese technology has often contributed to para-athletics and rehabilitation therapy.

Our Japanese biomechanical engineering translation covers areas such as:

Design & Manufacturing

Artificial Organs

Mechanical Analysis



Energy Distribution

Motor Vehicles

Biological Restraints

Industrial Equipment & Machinery

Medical Devices

Fluid Mechanics

Tissue Engineering

Energy Conversion



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