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We provide linguists who specialise in the field of renewable energy and the environment and who demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the specialised terminology and specifications associated with it. This ensures that interpretation and translation are precise and no misunderstandings can occur.

Our language services cover the wide range of green energy industries, such as bioenergy, solar power and wind power, facilitating your success in these important global markets.

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Energy produced from biomass- biofuels such as bioethanol and biodiesel- is clean, energy efficient and seen as a viable alternative energy source. Our Japanese interpreters can ensure that you play a part in this growing industry.


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The Japanese Connection provides interpreters for many kinds of projects where biotechnology is concerned, including international communication between researchers and practitioners, symposiums and global conferences.

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Carbon emissions are a key point in the debates surrounding climate change and the emergence of alternative energy sources. Visit this page for more information about fossil fuels and the language services we provide.

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We can provide expert Japanese language interpreters that are highly skilled and experienced in carbon offsetting services and can provide interpreting and translation services which will support development in this emergent industry.

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Ecology is a science which studies the relationships between living organisms and their natural environment, drawing upon elements of earth science and biology. We can provide Japanese interpreters for interpreting enquiries in this field.

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With alternative energy sources becoming vital to the world's future, our services can enable you to communicate about wind power feasibility to international climate changes with the Japanese economy.

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Concerning aspects such as air and water quality, species protection , Environmental law is a complex and diverse branch of litigation. With our language services, you can be fully clear on this legislation and how it differs from county to country.

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Environmental, or ‘green’ technology is an industry poised at the forefront of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and low carbon emissions. See our dedicated page for more information about how our language services can assist you in this growing international industry

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Geothermal energy, an alternative energy resource based around geothermal science, is a growing industry. Our interpreting service means that you can engage with leading geothermal companies and conferences fluently.

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Climate change has been called the challenge facing our generation, with numerous gloomy predictions as to its speed and severity. The Japanese Connection’s interpreting services can help you engage in this international debate.

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With climate change comes scientist's predictions that third world countries will be some of the worst affected with increases of famine, drought, floods, landslides, and disease. Humanitarian aid is vital and is seen by many industry leaders as due compensation for Western carbon emissions.

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Japan is involved in an on-going global debate about the use of nuclear energy. We have an experienced and skilled team of Japanese language interpreters with a background such issues to deal with global issues such as nuclear energy.

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Drawing energy from the sun's light, solar power is a sustainable energy resource. At The Japanese Connection, our Japanese language interpreters can enable you to engage in international solar power projects, and access information on solar panels and their implementation.

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Creating sustainable solutions to the problems of energy and manufacture are a key point in the tackling of the causes of climate change. The development of technologies that can provide these solutions, is a growing industry which our expert language services can help you to access.

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Water sustainability seeks to ensure water availability for future generations so that the withdrawal of fresh water from ecosystems should not exceed its natural replacement rate. The Japanese Connection can provide expert interpreting services for any water conservation-related enquiries.


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Hydropower is a centuries old method of harnessing energy, but in modern times has achieved new importance as a source of green power. We can offer a high-quality interpreting service to assist you with your hydropower or water energy related needs.


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A rapidly growing industry, wind turbines are in great demand. At The Japanese Connection, we can provide a high-quality interpreting service to ensure that you can access the information surrounding this exciting industry.




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The Japanese Connection provides specialist interpreting and translation services in a wide array of specialist fields. Whatever your requirement, we can find the right Japanese linguist to assist you. If your industry or project-type is not listed here, please contact us directly with your enquiry.

Our language specialists utilise their knowledge of subject-specific terminology to deliver precise, unambiguous translations whatever the context - enabling you to communicate effectively with the rest of the world. We are also able to adapt to almost any type of project.

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