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Physics is currently the subject of much global debate and, as the study of the origin and existence of the entire universe, it should be. New developments in particle physics and the exciting discovery of the Higgs Boson or ‘God particle’ have brought physics to the forefront of the international media. The physics department at The University of Tokyo is very highly ranked worldwide for both teaching and research and Japanese physicists are noted for their considerable contribution to innovative discoveries made in physics.

The Japanese Connection can provide linguistic experts who are highly skilled and experienced in physics-related work and who will work to enhance cross-cultural communication in such an important field. Our Japanese language translators have an in-depth understanding of technical terminology, procedures and complicated concepts related to physics and often have a background or qualification in the field.



About Physics and Japan

The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) bridges the gap between physics as an academic endeavour and physics as an applied industry. JSAP also participates in major international symposiums whereby physicists from all over the globe meet and discuss new advances. The international nature of physics means that language assistance is often needed; be it in the global distribution of ground-breaking articles or the collaboration of a Japanese institution with a foreign one. The multiple strands, such as Quantum Mechanics; Astrophysics; Molecular and Atomic Physics render it a very complicated and dense subject which requires very sophisticated and technical vocabulary. The correct application of such terms is essential to convey precise meaning.

Our Japanese language physics interpreting service covers areas such as:


Classical Mechanics

Electricity and Magnetism

Applied Physics

Experimental physics

Quantum Mechanics

Molecular Physics


Theoretical physics

Particle Physics




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